Thursday, February 03, 2005

daily grind

Things are definitely looking up.

Had a cuppa joe before heading to work with my sweetie -- a semi-ritual we try to do before doing the daily routine of work -- and got to hang and hold hands with him a bit (haha, mushy!!! PDA! eeeooow!)

Today i felt a little better -- i'm still having those coughs and colds, but i'm fine! Why? It's Thursday!!! Yehey! My workload looks a little bit lighter (though it's still early) and i'm scheduled for a jean shopping experience later with my sweetie at -- where else? -- Sta. Lucia Mall!

Yup, we have become avid LRT2 fans since we took our first ride there, and yes, Sta. Lucia is a destination he has come to love because A) It's near Uratex, the foam factory we love (the famed bed --- read a few blogs back), and B) Fitness First has opened its branch there (easier to go to than ABS or GH from Katipunan). Actually, he just needs to return the jeans he bought yesterday 'cos it's too baggy. hehehe. No matter. We will go jean shopping later! Yey!

+ + +

Yesterday we had our "mushy" dinner nights in Cubao. I took him to Bellini's, this somewhat quaint italian resto in the heart of Marikina Shoe Expo, Cubao. Going there, you would really think twice about heading on to the resto since the place is so--- let's just say retro 70's. Ever since the insurgence of makati-esque architecture in Cubao, the areas of the MSE has been well, kinda creepy to go to because of its dim lights and somewhat ill-reputed scenario. But hey, this is Bellini's we're talking about! I have fallen in love with its spectacular food and very ambiance-fille area since i steped into the place and tonight was no exception.

He loved it. No question about it. The food -- thin crust pizza with tuna, artichokes, olives and arugula, and risotto with mixed seafoods -- was unquestionably amazing. (Yes, i am a food lover! i can go on and on and on...heheh) We vowed to go back here very soon! Best italian he ever had since coming here, he mentioned. :-) Yey!

+ + +

To top off our dinner, we headed out to Big Sky Mind for some drinks and music. Sadly, we arrived to silence (bands were playing on a friday, much to our dismay) and an exhibit from some artists. I'm no critic, but i didn't really feel what they exhibited much. *sigh* Sadly, it reminded us of a high school art project gone awry. Oh well. We did however, got to hang and chill out to some fab 90's music which took us down memory lane (i canNOT believe most of this is now part of MTV Classics!!!). heheh. After a while, we just headed back home to check out 711 and watch vcds.

+ + +

Today is the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Manila! Happy Liberation day! (Kinda makes the whole Corregidor trip timely, huh?) :-)


Mangoes and Papayas said...

I think it's great you've discovered Bellini's, finally! That's one of mine and Anton's favorite haunts in cubao! Sorry i can't indulge with you tomorrow, I'm still trying to come up with liveable income. But I('d love to go when I finally get a job alrighty? :)

wanderlust junkie said...

hehehhe! ganun!? i've been going to bellini's before, kaya lang ngayon ko lang nadala si jason dun...pero panalo! winner!! As in!!! hehehe

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